Jesus on Trial

Jesus On Trial: The Unique presentation of Jesus in the Gospel of John

In a culture characterized by marginalization and constant challenges to our Biblical worldview—it’s time to wake up and to arm yourself with the Truth. Jesus on Trial is available now as a resource to aid in the battle against those who would deny the deity of Christ whether they are Muslims who believe Jesus was simply a Prophet, universalist who believe all paths lead to God, or those who have fallen away from the faith.

Prepare yourself for a fresh perspective on the gospel of John, as Dr. Eric Wallace expounds on the trial theme motif embedded in the message of Truth unique to the Fourth Gospel.

Dr Wallace traces the theme of trial throughout the book of John examining the various witnesses that come forth to give testimony to the distinct identity of Jesus as the Prophet, Messiah, and Son of God. Wallace argues that the trial theme, based on the legal constitution of Deuteronomy, helps to bring a new understanding and insight to this gospel.

In addition, Dr. Wallace shows how the author of John uses the Old Testament to identify Jesus with whom “Moses and the Prophets wrote” (John 1:46), and Jesus who justly assert “If you believed Moses, you’d believe me; because he wrote about me.” (John 5:45).

Jesus on Trial both asks and answers critical questions such as: Where does Moses write about Jesus? Is Jesus a Prophet like Moses? Is He the Messiah or is He the Son of God? Or is He just a man? What is the evidence? How do the signs He performs identify who He is? How does creation “in the beginning” fit into this gospel and Jesus’ identity? And finally, what is the purpose of this gospel? Why does John write his gospel?

Once you’ve read this monograph you’ll be able to challenge the skeptic, debate the errant teachings of the Quran, and all who believe Jesus was just a man:

“True faith believes the testimony about Jesus and therefore acts or stands in that belief. According to John’s gospel those who believe have eternal life. Conversely, those who reject the truth and walk in unbelief are condemned because they have rejected the messenger of God, and thus reject God himself.”

Jesus on Trial is a must-read for the Bible scholar, college or seminary student; pastors or laypersons looking for a more in-depth study of the gospel of John.

Jesus’ words remind us, that “because of God’s love for the world, He sent his Son. The Son came, because he loves the Father. The Son sends the ones he loves—the disciples—to be His witnesses. And the disciples obey because they love both the Father and the Son”. This too is our charge until Jesus returns. We must be as fearless as Jesus’ disciples as “The Trial” of the World moves forward through our witness and testimony.


The Author

Eric M. Wallace, (PhD, Union Theological Seminary and Presbyterian School of Christian Education) is a Biblical scholar whose emphasis is in the New Testament in particular, Johannine studies. He has taught at Elmhurst College and North Park University in the Chicago metropolitan area. This monograph is taken from his dissertation “The Testimony of Moses: Pentatuechal Traditions and their Function in the Gospel of John.”


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In each of the four Gospels, Jesus comes into conflict with those who are identified as “the rulers of the Jews,” yet it is only in the Gospel of John that the conflict unfurls like a courtroom trial. John presents a number of witnesses who testify concerning the identity of Jesus. The witness of the prologue, the witness of John the Baptist, and the witness of the disciples comprise the first chapter. Under the scrutiny of the Jewish leadership, Jesus is accused of being a law breaker, a false prophet and, before Pilate, a usurper of Caesar’s authority. As the trial develops, a reversal takes place. Those who are the accusers become the accused. The one who is being judged becomes the judge. The key to understanding this turn of events is found in the story of the healing of the lame man on the Sabbath and the conversation which follows in John 5:31-47. This scene is the catalyst for the trial motif in John.

Jesus On Trial subtly grabs your attention to realize that the ultimate trial of history is not so much the trial of our Lord Jesus Christ but your trial and mine. Dr. Eric Wallace’s treatment of John’s Gospel is a refreshing yet scholarly look at the genius of our Holy Spirit in communicating everlasting truth to the soul.” Michael Allen, Senior Pastor, Uptown Baptist Church Chicago, IL

You may have thought you understood who Jesus is, but Jesus on Trial creates a compelling, detailed assessment of the Savior based on the Fourth Gospel’s use of the Law of Moses with ramifications for comprehending Jesus’ identity and ours as a witnesses to it. This book is truly meat for the mind and spirit.” Bishop Harry R. Jackson, Jr. Senior Pastor, Hope Christian Church President, High Impact Leadership Coalition Presiding Bishop, International Communion of Evangelic Churches